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Technical Services



Definitive Aerospace Solutions does what it says on the tin. We provide solutions to your aerospace issues in a way that is definitive for you. Unlike the OEM networks, we are not interested in one-size-fits-all responses. These are some of the principal ways in which we help customers:


Aircraft acquisition, import and registration assistance:

  • Aircraft pre-buy appraisals;

  • Airworthiness records, audit and review;


Airframe technical representation and management:

  • Aircraft maintenance inspection and repair oversight;

  • Airframe and component tracking and maintenance programme control management;

Airframe component and LRU (line replaceable unit) management:

  • MRO management - value engineering;

  • Sourcing and pre-kitting;

  • Component exchange.



Sometimes customers discover that their OEM support agreements no longer cover specific aircraft, engine or avionics components because of assumed obsolescence. Such items may then be defined as BER (Beyond economical repair) with parts upgrades or high-cost modifications offered as the only replacement options.

We have extensive knowledge of such problematic situations and have developed alternative ways forward when OEM support is either unavailable or excessively costly. We have developed excellent relationships with reputable independent MROs around the world
to find innovative solutions at a lower cost without compromising in any way on quality or safety.



Definitive Aerospace Solutions has a wealth of experience in helping to manage an ageing fleet. We have particular expertise in complex structural repairs, corrosion monitoring and reporting, as well as airframe life extension.

We have frequently worked with aircraft and component OEMs to analyse obsolescence and develop means of continuing operation beyond intended service life. We also have considerable experience in handling issues with non-OEM STCs.

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